A new revolution in high speed board printing.

PICTORA was designed to target the high speed digital reproduction market for small to medium sized short run digital printing directly to rigid substrates. It utilizes state-of-the-art greyscale digital inkjet print technology to provide the best image quality at the fastest speeds possible. PICTORA features 10pl drop size print quality for photo realistic imaging for the highest quality imaging at up to 200 boards per hour. Designed to run unattended for as long as the loader has material and the buffer has images!

PICTORA reduces labor costs and handling time per print and allows our customers to produce prints at an unbelievable low cost rate. PICTORA reduces finishing costs as well, since it was designed to print to pre-cut and ready-to-fold/finish materials. Its workflow utilizes a hot folder queue to maximize efficiency and throughput. PICTORA offers a clear advantage in reduced setup, labor, and ink costs.

Time saving PICTORA features:
  • True greyscale print engine
  • Large 24″ x 36″ rigid flatbed table
  • Automatic print gap control
  • Obstruction detection
  • State-of-the-art Honle UV curing system
  • Auto loader / unloading system
  • Automatic defective sheet rejection
  • Single sheet manual loading option
  • Protected ink loading system
  • Hot folder queue printing
  • Simple maintenance
  • Optional: Invisible Bar Code System

See what you can do with the PICTORA.