Hybrid flexibility with true greyscale quality.

The SYNERGIA H/UV is a patent-pending 3.2 meter (126″) grand-format, combination flatbed and roll-to-roll printer for the ultimate in flexibility. It boasts speeds of up to 1475 square feet per hour of high quality, sellable output. This isn’t a meaningless draft speed, but everyday production speed. Now with the addition of the new patented RW Warp Engine™, production speeds have again doubled to up to 2950 square feet per hour!

The SYNERGIA delivers brighter, more vibrant colors and has a wider color gamut than other UV solutions on the market. SYNERGIA provides full greyscale imaging for exceptional photo-realistic quality and flawless continuous tone printing with its 10-30pl variable drop technology. Further, because it utilizes full greyscale technology, the SYNERGIA can use up to 30-50% less ink than competitive systems for the same file, making it the first grand-format digital printer to approach screen printing costs per square foot. It has a patented media belt design that combines enhanced material handling, increased vacuum and improved step accuracy. Finally, due to the micro-layer curing methodology employed by the SYNERGIA, the energy usage is significantly less resulting in greater environmental sustainability and the ability to print on much thinner substrates without warping. All of these things synergistically contribute to its superior print quality.

Time saving SYNERGIA features:
  • True greyscale RW Warp Print Engine
  • Hybrid roll-to-roll or flatbed imaging
  • Patented Tri-Lobal Media Belt System
  • Automatic print gap control
  • Obstruction detection
  • State-of-the-art Honle UV curing system
  • Auto loader / unloading system
  • Automatic defective sheet rejection
  • Single sheet manual loading option
  • Hot folder queue printing
  • 7 available spot ink channels
  • Patented “backlit print mode”
  • Remote diagnostics and automatic reporting
  • Optional: Invisible Bar Code System

See what you can do with the SYNERGIA.