Textura 1800


Textura 1800 is designed for unattended roll-to-roll high-speed transfer dye-sublimation printing in four-color CYMK and true grayscale at resolutions up to 1200 dpi. It’s capable of printing substrates 1.8 meters (70”) wide at high-productivity speeds up to 140 square meters (1500 square feet) per hour and at sustained production speeds up to 120 square meters (1300 square feet) per hour. Textura 1800 employs variable-drop printing using water-based dye-sublimation inks for exceptional image quality and bold, vibrant colors. Novus dye-sublimation inks are made in the United States and designed for low cost per print.

Textura 1800 can print individual image art and seamless patterns at full width and any length. The robust material feed design allows virtually wrinkle-free printing without the need for operator supervision. The system supports printing on a wide range of heavy and thin papers, allowing flexibility on a variety of applications. Batch-queueing allows the system to be loaded with files for unattended non-stop printing of unrelated jobs.

Textura 1800 incorporates an anti-crash printhead carriage with a self-cleaning, self-wiping system. Textura includes an integrated unwind/rewind mechanism designed to hold jumbo-size paper rolls up to 200 Kg (440 pounds), and its industrial media-handling system allows long print runs to proceed unattended. A multi-section heating system provides exceptional drying capacity on all substrate thicknesses. Independent top, front, and bottom dryers are individually controlled to ensure dry paper at high speeds. Textura 1800 includes a printhead-capping station for simplified maintenance.

Dye-sublimation transfer is the optimal choice for customizing polyester apparel, sportswear fabrics, cut-and-sew yardage fabrics, bags, and T-shirts, and M&R’s Novus Textura 1800 sets a new standard for price, performance, and low ink costs.


Printheads Kyocera x 2
Resolution up to 1200 dpi
Production-Mode Speed 130 m2/hr (1399 ft2/hr)
Up-To Print Speed 140 m2/hr (1507 ft2/hr)
Printer Footprint 428 x 156 x 157 cm (168″ x 61.4″ x 61.8″)
Crated Dimensions 414 x 160 x 190 cm (163″ x 63″ x 74.6″)
Printer Weight 1200 kg (2645 lb)
Dryer Weight 100 kg (220 lb)
Maximum Roll Diameter 400 mm (15″)
Maximum Roll Weight 200 kg (440 lb)
Dryer Cure Source Infrared panels and forced air
Power 220 V, 60 A
Compressed Air 6 bar (8.7 psi)
Operating Temperature 22°-28° C (71o-82o F)
Humidity 40%-80%
Work-Area Allocation 6 m x 4 m (20″ x 13″)
RIP Software Ergosoft, Caldera

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