NOVUS IMAGING strives for customer satisfaction in everything we do. NOVUS considers our customers as partners and provides a One (1) Year Warranty on all of the products we sell. We provide replacement of all parts, excluding Consumables and Wear Items.

NOVUS IMAGING products are proudly “Made in the USA” and we take pride in providing industrial print solutions that are built to last.


The applicable Warranty period shall be one (1) year for the Product and ninety (90) days for Software (“Warranty Period”), each commencing on the date of delivery of the Product to Customer’s designated location. During the Warranty Period, NOVUS warrants that the Product shall materially conform to the applicable specifications set forth in the documentation provided to Customer at the time of installation.


Extended warranty options are available please ask your sales representative for more information.


With NOVUS IMAGING’s propriety login and diagnostic capability, our support staff can log on and diagnose most machine issues with minimal print time lost.

“We understand that up time is the most important aspect of service. We provide the tools to maximize this.”

MIKE MILLS, President & CEO

During the Warranty Period NOVUS will repair or replace, at NOVUS’ option, any non-conforming Product, part or component at no cost to Customer with the exception of consumables, and parts and components that have failed due to abuse, misuse, or other inappropriate use of the Product.

Third Party Product/Components
All third party products (including Software) provided by NOVUS are covered by the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty.


Consumables and Wear Items that fail due to abuse or misuse of the Product, the use of unapproved or inappropriate Consumables with the Product or use of ink and/or substrates not approved by NOVUS for use with the Product are not covered by the Warranty provided in this Agreement under any circumstances.

Print Heads
Specifically, the Print Head warranty excludes:

  • Damage to the head except where this is the direct result of a Warranty failure.
  • Any print head used with ink or fluid not approved by NOVUS.
  • Blocked inaccurate jetting of nozzles due to cured ink. This includes, but is not limited to, blockages caused by failure to follow proper servicing procedures.
  • There is mechanical evidence that the print head has been altered.
  • The print head serial number has been removed or made illegible.

“Consumables” are defined as Product parts and components that have a finite life span. Customer acknowledges that the Product is designed to operate solely with NOVUS approved Consumables. Examples of Consumables include:

•Print Heads   •Ink Filters  •Air Filters  •Lamp Housing Lenses  •Lamp Housing Reflectors  •Wipes  •Tubing  •Head Cleaner/Conditioner/Maintenance Fluids

Use of third-party Consumables with the Product that are not approved by NOVUS for use with the Product will void any and all Warranty claims.

“Wear Items are defined as parts that wear out under normal usage. Wear Items are durable components but are not designed to last indefinitely. Wear Items include:

•Pumps  •Motors  •Parts with Motors  •Bearings  •Parts with Bearings  •Fans  •Solenoids